We took our precautions, we are ready!

We took our precautions, we are ready!


We took our precautions, we are ready!

In this process where the world and our country continue to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, we, as the Rhodium Hotel family, keep your health ahead of everything.

In order to make the process you spend in our hotel even healthier and safer, we organized our services according to this "New Normal" in line with the regulations and recommendations of the World Health Organization, European Infectious Disease Control Center (ECDC), and our Ministry of Health.

We safely manage the risks you may encounter during your vacation. When you enter the hotel, your fever is measured and recorded by our front desk colleagues who receive guest awareness training on COVID-19, a special information form is provided, and necessary precautions are taken meticulously for possible situations.

In the common areas of our hotel (such as reception, restaurant, elevator front), there are signs and warnings in accordance with the social distance rule.

The rooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly for you in detail. Our housekeepers clean your room with protective equipment (disposable gloves and masks) and put disposable guest amenities in your rooms.

Health checks of our colleagues are also carried out regularly. The risk of COVIT-19 is minimized during your vacation.